A Fairy Tale of Created Value

The 0EURO is not only a new banknote with a face value of zero, it is a signed and numbered artwork and a brand new financial derivative. As banks declare their outstanding debts as assets, or create money flows where none existed before through methods like credit default swaps, I establish my own artistic bank and currency, creating value where none existed before.

Starting with a symbolic face value of zero - I am a young artist who has nothing to give and little or no value on the art market today, this is an option warrant on my and your future. It might be worthless today, but it could make you rich in 30 years. It is a simple bet on a career. If I manage to be one of the 0.1 per cent of artists who make it and into getting famous and rich, and you are lucky or thoughtful enough to still own the original banknote by then, you made it as well.

Sure you don't know the quantity and value of the artwork today, nor my current or future monetary policies. But It's not just like any other lottery in stocks or real estate, the best thing is: By buying 0EURO(s) you help me getting rich and famous! That's why it guarantees to be a good investment for you.

Paying 71 EURO for a paper declaring it's value is nothing might seem much today, but imagine the return and profit this minor bet will pay you back in 30 years!

Forget about the crisis and your private pensions funds!
Don't hesitate! Participate!

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