The 0EURO Design

The design of the 0EURO notes push the original concept ideas of the EURO banknotes to its outer limits.

To avoid any dispute between member states and also to avoid any facilitation of building an European identity, the design of the original EURO-banknote series by Austrian money designer Robert Kalina does not feature any real buildings or people, but fictitious and fake buildings representing important eras and architectural styles of European history.

The windows, arcs and gates on its front should be a symbol for innovation and openness within Europe, whereas the bridge on the back side is intended as a symbol for Europe's connection to the rest of the world.

Consequently the 0EURO leaves the front side empty and adds Turkey's half moon into that void. The bridge is modeled after an existing original: The "Most Slobode" or "Liberty Bridge" in Novi Sad, Serbia as it looked like after being bombed by NATO in 1999 (until it was finally rebuilt and reopened in 2005)

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